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    Here, tender beans and sweet carrots are infused with enticing spices and get a dollop of an Indian-inspired yogurt topping. Served on a bed of protein-rich quinoa, the vegetables make a satisfying meatless meal — no side dish required. (via Braised Chickpeas and Carrots with Yogurt Topping | Williams-Sonoma Taste)

    1. Drain & rinse one can of chickpeas.
    2. Toss them in a pan with a handful of finely chopped green onions, one large clove garlic that’s been quartered, and 1-2 tsp dried basilOptional: Also add in some cherry or plum tomatoes. Turn the heat up to high.
    3. Let the food cook for just a few minutes, then pour in enough balsamic vinegar to coat the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle on 1 heaping pinch sea salt and pour on just a little agave. (Less than 1 tsp.) Optional: Add in 1 tbsp Earth Balance. Stir everything around to get it all coated.
    4. Heat for a few more minutes, then serve either cold or hot. This would be great as a cold salad, or hot with pasta or bread.

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    basic hummus from The Delicious Life


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    roasted sweet potatoes: 1 sweet potato, diced // boil potato chunks for five minutes. strain. toss in olive oil, rosemary, salt, and pepper. roast in 400 degree oven for 10 minutes

    roasted chick peas: 1 can chick peas, strained // toss in olive oil, chili powder, garlic powder, salt,…

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    You have no idea how badly I want some falafel right now.